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We strive to provide our students with different opportunities for learning including early childhood education, quality neighbourhood schools, and adult education.

British Victoria School Curriculum


Our mission is to provide a safe, disciplined learning environment that empowers all students to develop their full potential. We feel strongly about helping to build leaders that have the ability to succeed in whatever endeavor they undertake. Winning is not always the measure of success. We are dedicated to providing your child(ren) a memorable, interactive, engaging learning experience. Our students will be enabled to follow the “Win, win” philosophy and use it in their daily life. Common standards will keep us focused on learning appropriate content and preparing our students to graduate. Last but just as importantly, setting examples for our students of meaningful and lasting relationships will go with them throughout their lifetime.

Open Day 2019

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We enable all British Victoria School Students to become the best possible version of themselves. We provide an environment where our children develop into empathetic, self-directed, critical thinkers.

Apply Letter for Admission to High School